Best Wave Riding Boards for Kitesurfing

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When I first started kiteboarding in 2012. I was hooked right from the start. I loved being able to be out on the water, exploring, and just having fun. It's a great way to get away from all the responsibilities of everyday life and just enjoy some time on your own.
Best Wave Riding Boards for Kitesurf
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Wave riding is an exhilarating and popular discipline within the sport of kitesurfing. A specialized board designed for wave riding provides riders with the opportunity to ride and surf waves, as well as execute tricks and stunts along the way.

When selecting a board for wave riding, it is important to consider its shape, construction, and fin setup – all of which have a great influence on how it will perform in the waves.

In this article, we are exploring some of the best boards currently available for kitesurfers at any level – from those just starting out to experienced riders looking to take on more challenging waves and advanced maneuvers. With these top-rated wave-riding boards, you can be sure your adventures in wave-riding will be successful!

Best Boards For Wave Riding

KiteboardStraplessBest for
Duotone Kiteboarding Whip SLSYesFreestyle
F-One Mitu Pro FlexOptionalWave Riding, Freestyle
Duotone Kiteboarding Pro VokeYesFreestyle
Naish Go-To YesVersatile Directional
Core Kiteboarding 720 YesFreestyle, Surf
Cabrinha S: QuadStraps/StraplessPower surf performance
Airush Amp V4 Carbon InnegraYesSurf

Our list of the best wave-riding boards for kitesurfing will provide you with the perfect platform to ride and surf the waves. Check out our list and find the perfect board for your wave-riding adventures. Read on to learn more!

The Duotone Kiteboarding Whip SLS

The Duotone Kiteboarding Whip SLS 2022 is the perfect surfboard for those looking to take on small to medium-sized high waves. It’s ideal for strapless freestyle and features a highly durable and responsive SLS construction. To add an extra level of comfort, the board also has Cork shock absorption 2.0 which helps to reduce impact and enhance your riding experience as you tackle different waves.

The F-One Mitu Pro Flex

The F-One Mitu Pro Flex is an incredibly versatile board that’s perfect for kiteboarding in waves and doing freestyle tricks. Its intuitive feel allows riders to make the most out of their sessions, no matter what the conditions are like.

Plus, with five different sizes available, you can find an option that best fits your riding style and preferences. This surfboard also comes with fins and a deckpad included so you don’t have to worry about making additional purchases after buying it.

Ultimately, this high-performance board is suitable for a variety of kiteboarding styles and conditions – making it an ideal choice for any avid wave rider!

The Duotone Kiteboarding Pro Voke

The Duotone Kiteboarding Pro Voke is a sleek and stylish board designed for strapless freestyle, offering riders the perfect combination of style and performance. It features a 3-fin setup with Duotone’s Team Epoxy technology, providing exceptional durability and excellent responsiveness in any condition – making it an ideal choice for wave riding.

This versatile board is suitable for a wide range of styles; from beginners just starting out to experienced kite surfers looking to take their skills to the next level. The Pro Voke 2020 is quickly becoming one of the most popular boards among kiteboarders, thanks to its versatility and advanced construction.

The Naish Go-To Surfboard

The Naish Go-To is an incredibly versatile board that is designed to provide a smooth, comfortable ride in varying conditions. Its double bamboo deck construction ensures maximum durability and stability, while its thruster fin setup enhances performance specifically in wave riding.

Whether you’re an experienced rider or just starting out, the Naish Go-To 2021 Surfboard is an excellent choice for those looking for a reliable and high-quality kiteboard.

Core Kiteboarding 720 V2

The Core Kiteboarding 720 V2 Surfboard is a truly versatile board, crafted for those seeking the ultimate strapless freestyle and surf experience. Featuring an agile flat rocker and compact shape, it’s easy to maneuver in all types of conditions. It also has a cutting-edge construction that includes quad concave and channels to enhance its performance on waves – making it ideal for riders at any level of expertise.

Cabrinha S: Quad 2021

The Cabrinha S: Quad 2021 is an incredibly powerful and agile board, crafted with precision to provide the ultimate wave riding experience. With its quad fin setup, fast rocker, and narrow curvy outline, you can expect excellent grip, impressive speed stability, and smooth transitions between turns.

Whether strapless or strapped-in riding is your preference, this board has got it covered – plus its bamboo cork construction ensures increased durability for sustained performance over time. All in all, the Cabrinha S: Quad 2021 Surfboard is a remarkably versatile choice suitable for kitesurfers of all abilities.

Airush Amp V4 Carbon Innegra Directional

The Airush Amp V4 Carbon Innegra 2021 Directional offers an all-encompassing design for strapless riders. It’s constructed with durable carbon, ensuring superior performance and longevity. The Amp V4 is particularly adept at handling challenging chop, thanks to its Futures 3 fin setup. This setup enhances the board’s ability in waves and other conditions alike. All-in-all, this board from Airush provides an incredibly versatile ride that can meet the needs of riders.

Selecting the Right Board

When selecting a board for wave riding there are several factors to consider such as weight, shape, size, and level.

What size should my wave-riding kiteboard be?

Once you’ve decided on a directional kiteboard, the size of your board will be determined by a range of factors, including your weight, riding style, and the type of conditions you will be navigating.

Generally speaking, it’s best to opt for a larger board if you plan to ride in choppy or wavey environments as they tend to provide more stability.

Conversely, smaller boards are ideal for freeride and freestyle riding due to their agility. It is essential that you pick a board that fits your weight and preferred form of riding – an improperly sized board can be tricky to control and may not deliver optimal performance in comparison to one tailored specifically for you.

Which wave-riding kiteboard is best for beginners?

As a beginner, it is essential to pick a kiteboard that is suitable for your proficiency level and the type of conditions you will be riding in.

For wave kiting and directional kitesurfing, an adequately stable wave board is an ideal selection. A directional kiteboard gets its steadiness from its breadth, which makes it simpler to find your equilibrium and rehearse moves.

A board with a short nose and a square tail will give more stability and is an excellent choice for first-timers.

Which wave-riding kiteboard shape is the right one for me?

The perfect directional kiteboard for you will depend on various elements, including your weight, the level of proficiency that you possess, and the type of conditions that you will be riding in.

Generally speaking, a directional kiteboard with a slender nose and tail plus an expansive midsection provides excellent stability as well as control; making it ideal for those just starting out or riders who prefer something more forgiving.

Alternatively, a board with a wider nose and tail alongside a narrow center section is often more agile and responsive – making it great for experienced folks who need something that can perform consistently well in many different types of environments.


In conclusion, wave riding can be an incredibly fun and rewarding experience if done with the right board. There are two main types of boards available – kite waveboards directional and surfboards – each with its own advantages and disadvantages depending on your needs and preferences.

We have discussed some of the best boards available on the market today as well as some factors to consider when selecting the one that suits your needs best. Ultimately, finding the right board can be tricky, but with some trial and error, you should be able to find one that fits your style perfectly!

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