Kiteboarding Travel Guide: St. Vincent and Grenadines

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When I first started kiteboarding in 2012. I was hooked right from the start. I loved being able to be out on the water, exploring, and just having fun. It's a great way to get away from all the responsibilities of everyday life and just enjoy some time on your own.
Kiteboarding Travel Guide: St. Vincent and Grenadines
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Would you like to take a kiteboarding trip to the Grenadines? But you don’t know any details about it? This article explains all the details, from kiteboarding spots and conditions, to how to get there and where to stay, and the best time to go.

The Grenadines are a group of islands in the Caribbean. They are located between the islands of St. Vincent and Grenada. The Grenadines are home to some of the world’s most beautiful beaches and many luxury resorts. The islands are also popular destinations for sailing, kitesurfing, and diving.

How to Get There?

Grenadines is not difficult to get to, with flights from Miami International Airport by American Airlines, John F Kennedy International Airport by Caribbean Airlines, Toronto Pearson International Airport by Air Canada, and London Heathrow by Virgin Atlantic. All of these airlines fly direct to Grenadines, so getting there is a breeze.

Kiteboarding Season in Grenadines

The best time to kitesurf in the Grenadines is from November to July when the wind blows all day long with an average of 20-25knots. This is enough wind for kitesurfing every day and the conditions are usually good with flat water and moderate waves.

You can forget your wetsuit, but don’t forget to pack your kitesurfing sunglasses and sunscreen! The sun can be intense when you’re out on the water, so make sure you’re prepared to protect your eyes and skin.

The Grenadines offer a variety of kite spots to enjoy your kitesurfing vacation. From the windy beaches of St. Vincent to the calm waters of the Tobago Cays, there is a spot for every kitesurfer. The Grenadines are also home to some of the best waves in the Caribbean, making it a perfect destination for those looking to test their skills in the waves.

The Best Kitesurfing Spots of the Grenadines

JT Pro Kitesurfing Center Grenadines

The Grenadines offer some of the best kitesurfing spots in the world, with windy conditions and beautiful beaches.

Must-visit kitesurfing spots in the Grenadines include Union Island(Frigate-Big Sand), The Tobago Cays, Salt Whistle bay(Mayreau), Morpion Island, and Palm Island.

Kite Beach (Union Island) is the center of the kitesurfing spots in the Grenadines. JT Pro Kitesurfing Center is located in there and is a popular destination for big Kiteboarding brands like North, Ocean Rodeo, and Epic to shoot their annual product shoots.

JT Pro Kitesurfing center is the main beach of Union Island, kite beach is perhaps the best spot to kitesurf in the Caribbean. The conditions here are suitable for advanced kitesurfers, but if you are a beginner, I advise you to take lessons here and not kite alone.

Frigate (Union Island) -Located near 10 minutes away by boat from Union Island. This spot is more beginner friendly with its flat water and is suitable for kitesurfing and foiling.

Big Sand (Union Island) -There is no shortage of good wave-riding spots on Union Island, but Big Sand is undoubtedly one of the best. The beach features wide stretches of white sand and bright blue waves that come in all different sizes depending on the swell. The wind is usually side-shore, which makes for easy waves, and on days when there is no wind at all, it’s still a great spot to learn surfing.

Palm Island – This private island is the luxury kite vacation spot of the Grenadines. If you want to kitesurf on Palm Island you need to stay in the resort, which offers all-inclusive packages. The island has pristine white beaches, turquoise waters, and is surrounded by a coral reef, making it a perfect spot for beginners and advanced kitesurfers alike.

The Tobago Cays – When snorkeling in the Cays, you are guaranteed to see big leatherback turtles, as well as a diverse range of sea life including beautiful fish of all colors and sizes, and majestic rays floating by.

The kiting area is a large and stunning lagoon with crystal-clear blue water. Remember that kiteboarding in the Cays is restricted to certain areas, and it is important to respect the launch zones and rules set forth by the rangers who are there daily to enforce them.

Salt Whistle bay(Mayreau) – This island is a kitesurfing paradise. The flat water and stunning scenery make it the perfect spot for kiteboarding, but it’s not ideal for foiling. 15 minutes from Union Island, Salt Whistle Bay is a must-visit for any kitesurfer looking to explore the Caribbean.

Morpion Island -18 minutes away by boat from Union Island. The island is known for its unique scenery, which includes a shallow reef that is perfect for snorkeling. The island is also great for kitesurfing, but the shallow reef can limit your time here. However, if you spend some time on the island, you can enjoy a beautiful sunset.

Kiteboarding Schools in Grenadines

There are plenty of options for learning kiteboarding in the Grenadines. JT Pro is the most well-known kitesurfing school in the Caribbean, but Kite Cruise is another great option if you want to stay and kite in a catamaran. Both options offer lessons, so you can learn at your own pace and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Grenadines while you kiteboard.

Where to Stay in Grenadines?

Where to Stay Kite Holiday Grenadines?

The Grenadines are a group of 32 small islands in the Caribbean. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines is the main island, with other popular islands including Mustique, Canouan, Union Island, and Bequia. There are many different types of accommodation available in the Grenadines, from luxury resorts to more simple guesthouses.

If you dream about a kitesurfing holiday, Union Island and Palm Island are the most suitable destinations to stay. With a wide range of accommodations and activities available, both islands offer the perfect kitesurfing experience.

Union Island is home to some of the best kitesurfing spots in the world, while Palm Island provides a more relaxed atmosphere for those looking to enjoy the sport at a slower pace.

No-Wind Activities

There are many fun activities to do in the Grenadines when there is no wind. You can take a lovely day trip on the Scaramouche Schooner and snorkel with turtles in the stunning Tobago Cays. Or, you can spend a relaxing day at one of the most gorgeous beaches on the Grenadines, Big Sand (just 5 minutes from the JT Pro Centre). They offer a free shuttle and you can enjoy delicious cocktails and food right on the beach!

There are also many other activities to do on the island, such as renting a bicycle and taking a tour to see the remote beaches. You could also go hiking on one of the hills for a beautiful view. Diving, sightseeing, and exploring the different beaches will keep you busy.


If you’re looking for the best kitesurfing spot in the Caribbean, Grenadines is the place to be. With its turquoise waters and fun nightlife, it’s the perfect destination for anyone wanting to experience all that the Caribbean has to offer.

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