Kitesurfing in Gran Canaria

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When I first started kiteboarding in 2012. I was hooked right from the start. I loved being able to be out on the water, exploring, and just having fun. It's a great way to get away from all the responsibilities of everyday life and just enjoy some time on your own.
Location: Gran Canaria
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Kitesurfing in Gran Canaria
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Gran Canaria is an island off the coast of Africa belonging to Spain. It is known for its unique weather that creates great conditions for kitesurfing. The island features a wide range of kitesurfing spots with different levels of difficulty.

The warm climate and crystal-clear waters make it the perfect destination for kitesurfers. Gran Canaria is a popular tourist destination, so there are plenty of restaurants, shops, and activities to enjoy when you are not kiting.

Best Kitesurfing Spots in Gran Canaria

There are a variety of different kitesurfing spots around Gran Canaria, each offering something different. Here is a run-down of some of the most popular spots:

Jinámar Beach

Jinámar Beach
Jinámar Beach

It’s located on the northeast coast of Gran Canaria and is a great spot for kitesurfing. With its sandy beach and reliable winds from the north-northeast direction, this spot is perfect for wave riding and freestyle tricks.

The shallow waters with plenty of space make it an ideal destination for experienced kitesurfers who want to practice their skills in a safe environment.

On top of that, there are several schools close by where you can take lessons or rent equipment if needed. Whether you’re looking to catch some waves or try your hand at some freestyle maneuvers, Jinámar Beach is the perfect place to do so!


Palos is the perfect spot for kitesurfing, with conditions that are often favorable. The wind direction is primarily N-NE, and there are plenty of good waves to ride when the wind picks up.

The sandy beach provides a great launching area for all levels of riders, so it’s ideal for both beginners and more experienced kitesurfers alike. Additionally, the scenery in Palos is beautiful with crystal clear waters and lush green vegetation surrounding you as you take on the waves. Kiteboarding in Palos can be a truly exciting experience – one that you won’t soon forget!

El Burrero

El Burrero Beach Gran Canaria
El Burrero Beach

It is an ideal kitesurfing spot located in Gran Canaria. The sandy beach makes it suitable for both freeride and freestyle, with a wind direction ranging from NNE-NE.

It’s easy to launch your kite here, and the shallow waters are perfect for beginners too. With plenty of space to practice tricks or just cruise around, El Burrero is the perfect place to take advantage of all that Gran Canaria has to offer when it comes to kitesurfing!


Playa de Vargas Gran Canaria Kitesurf

Vargas is one of the best kitesurfing spots in Gran Canaria and offers a variety of activities for all skill levels. Located on the northern coast, Vargas is known for its pebble beach which provides an excellent surface to practice wave riding, freeride, and freestyle.

At low tide, sand is revealed, making it easier to maneuver your kiteboard around while you perfect your skills. With consistent winds in this area that blow from the northeast, Vargas Beach is definitely a great spot to check out if you’re looking for some quality kitesurfing action!

Punta de Maspalomas

It is an ideal kitesurfing spot. The water is shallow and choppy and there are small waves. It also has a big sandy beach which makes it perfect for kiting. The wind from the east direction makes it the best place to go for kitesurfing in Gran Canaria and provides excellent conditions for all levels of riders.

With its beautiful view of the ocean, sunny weather, and good wind conditions, Punta de Maspalomas Gran Canaria offers a great environment for any level of rider wanting to enjoy some time out on their board or foil!

Wind and Weather Conditions

The wind season in Gran Canaria lasts from October to April, when the wind is usually stronger and more consistent. The wind usually blows from the northeast, making it possible to ride in almost all spots around the island.

The temperature is usually mild throughout the year, with an average of 22°C/72°F in summer and 18°C/64°F in winter. The water temperature ranges between 18°C/64°F in winter and 22°C/72°F in summer. The humidity can get quite high during the summer months, making it important to drink plenty of water and take breaks between sessions.

Kitesurfing Season in Gran Canaria

Kitesurfing Season Gran Canaria
Kitesurfing Season Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria is especially popular due to its great wind and weather conditions. The main kitesurfing season runs from May to October when there are consistent northeasterly winds blowing, and temperatures ranging from 15-25°C.

During this time, wind speeds can reach up to 25 knots – perfect for advanced riders looking for a challenge!

There is usually enough swell to keep everyone happy; however, during the summer months, it tends to flatten out. The prevailing thermal winds make it ideal for beginners as well as advanced riders, giving an adrenaline rush whenever you want!

Even during winter months, Gran Canaria stays warm enough to enjoy some moments on your board. With more than 300 days of sunshine a year and mild temperatures throughout the year, kitesurfing in Gran Canaria can be enjoyed all year round.

The Pros and Cons of Kitesurfing in Gran Canaria: Learn What to Expect Before You Go


  • Its warm climate all year round makes it ideal for outdoor activities such as kitesurfing.
  • Perfect for enjoying this sport whether you are a beginner or an experienced surfer.
  • Gran Canaria offers some excellent facilities like rescue services and well-equipped schools where you can learn how to safely practice this exciting activity.


  • The wind and weather conditions can be unpredictable as it is a coastal area influenced by tropical air masses from Africa. This means that there are days when the winds are too strong to be safe for kiting and other days with no wind at all.
  • Beach access is generally easy on the island, some beaches lack sufficient space for larger groups of kiters or require special permits to use them.
  • Most tourist resorts offer decent facilities dedicated to kite surfing activities and lessons as well as rentals of equipment (boards/kites/harnesses), prices tend to be high due to competition among different businesses offering these services.

Experience the City Vibe in Gran Canaria: Enjoy a Bustling Nightlife and Explore Exciting Attractions!

Experience the City Vibe in Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria is a beautiful and vibrant island with plenty to offer. The living conditions are great, with many people drawn to the area for its sunny weather and excellent beaches.

There is an abundance of restaurants, cafes, and bars available throughout the island offering authentic local cuisine as well as international dishes.

In terms of nightlife, Gran Canaria has something for everyone – from traditional Spanish tapas bars to lively nightclubs playing the latest music. Whether you’re looking for quiet drinks in a cozy bar or a wild night out on the town, there is sure to be something that meets your needs!

Exploring Gran Canaria When There’s No Wind

Explore Maspalomas Dunes
Maspalomas Dunes

Kitesurfing in Gran Canaria is an incredible experience, but sometimes the wind and weather conditions can be less than ideal. When there is no wind, rather than just sitting around wishing for better conditions, there are still plenty of things to do!

Explore Maspalomas Dunes – This area of dunes is great to explore on foot; you’ll find some beautiful landscapes and get a different perspective from what you’d see while kitesurfing.

Visit Playa del Ingles – This bustling beach resort offers something for everyone. Whether it’s shopping at one of the many malls or exploring the nightlife scene with its bars and nightclubs, Playa del Ingles has it all!

Trekking to Roque Nuble – The iconic rock of Gran Canaria should not be missed! There are various trekking routes available so you can choose one that suits your fitness level and enjoy seeing this stunning landmark up close.

Go Boat Trip – If you’re looking for another way to explore the coastline then why not join a boat trip? During these trips, you may also have the chance to spot dolphins which will make your day even more special.

Gran Canaria is an ideal destination for kitesurfers with its diverse range of kitesurfing spots, perfect weather conditions, and crystal-clear waters.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced rider, you will find something to suit your level and style. With its warm climate and great wind conditions, Gran Canaria is a great place to plan your next kitesurfing trip.

So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and head to Gran Canaria!

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