Kitesurfing on Lake Garda: Ride on Flat Water

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When I first started kiteboarding in 2012. I was hooked right from the start. I loved being able to be out on the water, exploring, and just having fun. It's a great way to get away from all the responsibilities of everyday life and just enjoy some time on your own.
Lake Garda Kitesurf
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Lake Garda is the largest lake in Italy, and it’s a popular spot for kiteboarding. The lake is 51.9 kilometers long and has flat water which makes for a perfect riding experience.

Kitesurfing on Lake Garda is beginner-friendly and a great place to learn if you’re new to the sport. The lake is calm and the conditions are perfect for beginners.

There are plenty of kiteboarding schools around the lake, so you can easily learn how to enjoy this thrilling sport.

Where is Lake Garda?

Lake Garda, or Lago di Garda, as it’s locally known, is nestled in northern Italy, halfway between Venice and Milan. As the largest lake in Italy, it spans across three regions – Lombardy to the west, Veneto to the east, and Trentino-Alto Adige to the north.

Why Should I Go to Lake Garda?

The allure of Lake Garda is undeniable. Besides its famed reputation as a prime kitesurfing destination, it’s a region rich in cultural heritage, captivating landscapes, gastronomical delights, and outdoor activities.

From its Mediterranean climate, azure waters, and mountainous backdrop, to the charming lakeside villages and ancient castles, Lake Garda offers a diverse palette of experiences to its visitors.

Here is a video of Aaron Hadlow and Gianmaria Coccoluto kiteboarding on Lake Garda in Italy. The two riders show off their impressive skills as they jump and perform tricks on the water.

When to Go Lake Garda?

Kitesurfing season in Lake Garda runs from April to October, with the most stable wind conditions typically occurring in the morning and late afternoon.

While the summer months of July and August can be busy, consider visiting during the shoulder months for a more relaxed experience.

Wind Conditions

The ‘Ora’ and ‘Peler’ are the two primary winds that drive the kitesurfing experience in Lake Garda. Ora is a southerly wind that starts around noon and blows until the evening, offering stable conditions for kitesurfing. Its intensity can vary from a light breeze to a strong wind, making it suitable for both beginners and experienced surfers.

The Peler, on the other hand, is a more robust, northerly wind blowing from late evening through to the morning. This wind is more challenging to navigate, making it ideal for seasoned kitesurfers seeking a thrilling ride.

Understanding these winds and their schedules is crucial to planning your kitesurfing adventure in Lake Garda.

Learn Kitesurf Lake Garda, Italy

Kitesurfing on lake garda is beginner friendly, as there are several kitesurfing schools in the area that offer lessons for those just starting out. Among these schools are Kitesurf school Wind Riders, Kite CENTER Garda Lake, and BeeKite Kiteschule Gardasee.

All of these schools provide instruction from experienced kitesurfers who can help beginners learn the basics of this exciting sport. The calm waters of lake garda make it an ideal place to learn kitesurfing, and the beautiful scenery is an added bonus.

How to get to Lake Garda

Getting to Lake Garda is fairly straightforward. The closest international airports are Verona Villafranca, Brescia, and Bergamo. From these airports, you can rent a car or take a bus or train to reach the lake.

If you’re traveling from within Italy, direct train lines from major cities like Venice, Milan, and Verona make the journey even easier.

Where to Stay in Lake Garda?

Accommodation around Lake Garda caters to a range of preferences and budgets. If you’re looking for luxury, the Lefay Resort & SPA Lago di Garda offers spectacular lake views and top-tier amenities.

For a more budget-friendly option, consider Hotel Benacus in Malcesine, known for its comfortable rooms and friendly staff. There are also several camping options available for those who want to stay close to nature.

If you’re planning a longer stay, renting a villa or apartment can offer the comfort of home while providing easy access to the best kitesurfing spots.

Hotel-Acquaviva-Del-Garda, Hotel-Caesius-Thermae-Spa-Resort, EALA – My lakeside dream, Hotel Atilius, Hotel Castello Lake Front

Kitesurf Spots in Lake Garda

Lake Garda’s reputation as a kitesurfing haven is well-founded. It provides diverse spots that cater to all skill levels, each with unique characteristics, ensuring every kitesurfer will find their perfect match. Let’s delve into the details of each location:


Limone Lake GaArda

Nestled between tall cliffs, Limone sul Garda is a scenic paradise that’s just as delightful for kitesurfing. The ‘Pelèr,’ a consistent wind blowing from the north, graces the area every morning.

It offers strong wind conditions that are better suited for more experienced kitesurfers.

The turquoise waters contrast beautifully against the lush mountain backdrop, making kitesurfing here a visually stunning experience.


Located on the eastern shore, Malcesine is another kitesurfing hot spot.

It’s favored for the ‘Ora,’ a steady wind that picks up around midday and lasts until the late afternoon. This location is known for its deep waters and pebble beaches.

While the conditions cater to all levels of kitesurfers, beginners might find the wind conditions here particularly forgiving.

Additionally, the Malcesine-Monte Baldo cableway is a must-visit for panoramic views of the lake.


Campione del Garda, or simply Campione, is unique as it’s primarily a kitesurfing beach. Its broad expanse provides ample space for both launching and landing, reducing the stress for beginners.

With reliable wind conditions almost all year round, this spot is an all-time favorite among the kitesurfing community.

Plus, the area offers several kitesurfing schools and rental shops, so whether you’re a seasoned kitesurfer or a novice, Campione has you covered.

Malibu Beach

Malibu Beach Lake Garda

If you’re looking for waves, Malibu Beach is one of the few spots that offer waves on Lake Garda. Side-shore winds make it a great spot for kitesurfing. The waves here are perfect for beginners and intermediates alike.

Lido di Lonato

Situated on the southern shore of Lake Garda, Lido di Lonato is famed for its early morning winds. The combination of consistent breezes and wide sandy beaches make this spot a fantastic choice for those looking to get a start on the day’s kitesurfing activities. The area is also less crowded, giving you ample space to practice and hone your skills.

Castelletto di Brenzone

Castelletto di Brenzone is a charming lakeside town located on the eastern side of the lake. Known for its consistent winds, it’s a go-to location for many regular kitesurfers. Aside from kitesurfing, you can also enjoy exploring the narrow medieval streets and sampling local cuisine at the end of an exhilarating day.

Things to do on Lake Garda

Lake Garda is more than just a kitesurfing paradise. When the winds are quiet, and kitesurfing isn’t on the cards, you can explore a plethora of activities that this enchanting location has to offer. Here are some must-try experiences:

  1. Explore the Historical Towns:Lake Garda is surrounded by charming towns, each brimming with history and culture. Visit Sirmione and explore the remarkable Scaligero Castle, or stroll through the picturesque lanes of Malcesine, a medieval town with an ancient castle and a cable car that takes you up to Monte Baldo for breathtaking views of the lake.
  2. Relish Local Cuisine:Italian cuisine needs no introduction, and Lake Garda is a foodie’s delight. Try freshwater fish from the lake, homemade pastas, world-class wines, and delicious gelatos in the lake’s numerous restaurants and cafés. Don’t miss the opportunity to try the famous ‘Torta di Limone’, a local lemon cake that’s a delicacy in Limone sul Garda.
  3. Engage in Other Water Sports:While kitesurfing takes a pause, engage in other water sports like sailing, SUP (Stand Up Paddleboarding), or diving. With clear, calm waters, these activities provide a wonderful alternative to enjoy Lake Garda.
  4. Indulge in Wine Tasting:The region around Lake Garda is well-known for its vineyards and exceptional wines, such as the Bardolino and Lugana. You can visit one of the many wineries, walk through lush vineyards, and partake in tastings to appreciate these local flavors.
  5. Hiking and Biking:If you’re a nature enthusiast, the areas around Lake Garda offer stunning hiking and biking trails. Routes range from simple paths to challenging mountain trails, all offering gorgeous views of the lake and surrounding landscapes.
  6. Visit Gardaland:If you’re traveling with family or simply love a good adrenaline rush, don’t miss Gardaland, Italy’s largest amusement park. It’s packed with roller coasters, water rides, and attractions for all ages.
  7. Relax on the Beach:Sometimes, the best thing to do is nothing at all. Lake Garda has many beautiful beaches where you can just relax, enjoy the Italian sun, read a book, and soak in the beauty of the surrounding landscape.


Lake Garda is one of the best kitesurfing spots in Italy, with flat water perfect for foil, freeride, and freestyle riding. The scenery is beautiful, and there are plenty of beaches and restaurants to enjoy when you’re not on the water.

If you’re looking for a great kitesurfing destination, Lake Garda is definitely worth a visit.

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